Gain a 360° view on your competition with A-INSIGHTS

April 25, 2024

The food sector is becoming more and more complex, bringing both challenges and opportunities. To truly thrive in this complex landscape, you need to go beyond any of your current data or research limitation.

In this webinar we’ll show you how to analyze your competition from all angles and get a 360° view of the market and your competitors.

And for that, all you need is these ingredients:
  • Financials: Get insights into your competitors’ financial health and performance based on annual and quarterly updates
  • News & Trends: Know exactly what’s happening in your market and receive the right context to the changes in financial numbers
  • Workforce: Track your competitors’ next moves, analyze their strategies and go from insights to foresights
  • Sustainability: Turn new regulations into advantages and see which competitors are filing already
  • Shipment: Uncover what’s behind the global trade of your competitors

Combining all of these altogether will get you the 360° view of your market and competitors you’ll need to stay on top.


Tim Keereweer
Customer Success Manager
Miriam van der Waal
Head of Insights & Strategic Services